Monday, July 16, 2012

REVIEWS: TIM BALLARD - "Singing Positive to the People"

The reviews are just beginning! Here are some of the wonderful things that people in the music industry are saying about the music of Tim Ballard's "Singing Positive ..."

GOBSMACKED!  I must admit to never having heard of Tim Ballard before today! I can tell you one thing: Tim Ballard is not a name I am likely to forget in a hurry now! What a Voice! An incredible mix of smooth and rugged. A voice that mixes 1970s funk with timeless soul. Think Teddy Pendergrass indeed, but I also think if Tim were here today he could go head to head with Cee Lo Green, especially as he has an unbelievable range which encompasses the high notes so classic of Cee Lo. … The arrangements are so unique as to make them almost stand alone hits without reference to their former glory.  
A true gem of an album which deserves to do extremely well.

Mandy Morrow
Broadcaster, Radio Wey
United Kingdom
Twitter: @toucan2

Listening to Tim Ballard is not just another record in your playlist or CD collection;  
it's like a long-awaited friend as a guest for dinner and who will always stay close to your soul. 

Jerome Dumortier
General Manager, Radio Kaos Caribou (RKC)
Ermont, France
Twitter: @RadioKC

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