Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank You For Your Support - News about Tim Ballard

Dear Friends and Fans,

Thanks so much for stopping by our blog spot to read news about us and Tim Ballard. I thought I would post his/our struggle here with which we would so much appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

My father and business partner, Tim Ballard, whose album is also featured on The Jazz Network's December Holiday Promotion (, has been battling lung cancer and lymphoma for a while now, and in late December, fell very ill with pneumonia. Although he lives in Dallas, he was rushed to the same hospital in Houston that has been treating his cancer, and while there, arrived (thank G_d) just in time, for his esophagus collapsed due to side effects from new clinical trials.

Since then, Dad's ability to breathe has been hampered significantly, he has not performed since last June, he can no longer eat or swallow, and the cancer is rapidly spreading throughout his body, last determined to be reaching his brain. It is an extremely very sad time for family and all who know him, and we have all appreciated your thoughts, prayers, and warm condolences.

He is being moved to final-stage hospice care this week, but prior to that, many have stopped by while Dad was still lucid in these past weeks to share feelings of love and concern with him; it has been grueling to have to say goodbye. Dad is such an incredible talent and our hearts are breaking to see him in pain, but at the same time, our family has faith and trusts that he will soon be at peace.

We wanted to thank all of you so much for your support! TIMKAT as a company will continue on with Dad's wish and legacy that we book and share the news about the best in independent jazz talent, both here in Denver, and anywhere around the world where we can. We wish you blessings in health and happiness for you and your families throughout this new year.

Best always,
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