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PRESS RELEASE: TIM BALLARD - Singing Positive to the People

March 20, 2012

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TIM BALLARD - “Singing Positive to the People” (2012)

There is a popular saying: “What's Old Is New Again”, and this could not be any truer than when referring to master vocalist Tim Ballard's collection of timeless 70's Soul Classics on Singing Positive to the People.

Recorded and distributed only on vinyl to a limited following in Oklahoma City in 1978, Singing Positive has been expertly digitized and will be released via all major media outlets and CDBABY in Summer 2012, just on the eve of the album's 35th Anniversary.

Featuring all-time soul favorites originally recorded by superstars Hall and Oates, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, The Commodores, The Stylistics, The Brothers Johnson, Lou Rawls, Full Moon (Buzz Feiten), Paul Williams, and Lenny Welch, Singing Positive provides a delightfully hip trip back to the Golden Age of Seventies Soul and Fusion sound. The album boasts all original horn arrangements, tight vocal harmonies, and infectious funk on tracks such as “Need Your Love” and “Sunday”, two great hits that have since fallen out of collective memory but are once again brought to life by this masterful recording.

Singing Positive reaches beyond the bounds of being just a covers album, due to Tim Ballard's vocal mastery at breathing unique life into beloved musical stories. Soul lovers of the time will no doubt revel in the journey down Memory Lane, while a new generation of fans will find the grooves and funk intriguing enough to enjoy the songs on their own merit while venturing to compare Ballard's rendering with the originals.

The album will be available for direct purchase from TIMKAT at CDBABY (http://www.cdbaby.com) in Summer 2012 or later throughout the year at all major media outlets, such as iTunes, Amazon, Amazon CD On Demand, and Rhapsody. Reviews are welcomed on blogs and in magazines and copies can be mailed to timkatent@gmail.com.  

TIM BALLARD – Singing Positive to the People Track Listing:

  1. Las Vegas Turnaround
  2. Let's Fall In Love All Over Again
  3. Young Girls Are My Weakness
  4. Stop, Look, and Listen
  5. Need Your Love
  6. Sunday
  7. The Love I Lost
  8. Since I Fell For You
  9. Get the Funk Out of My Face

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