Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tim Ballard music on Digital Download!!

TIMKAT Entertainment is pleased and proud to announce that Tim Ballard's fabulous standards album, EASY DOES IT, is now available on worldwide distribution in crystal-clear, 320 kps, mp3 audio fidelity, via least 13 major global download sites! Look for the album -- both in physical CD and digital formats, on these pages:
FULL ALBUM Download, separated into 12 tracks, for a lower price than the costs associated with the CD!
Zones: USA, Canada, UK/Europe, Australia, and Japan
(Full album and singles! Can also apply PEPSI POINTS to purchase for alimited time.)
(Singles for album available now!!)
(Singles for album available now!!)
(Singles for album available now!!)
(Ringtones available now!!)
(Singles for album available now!!)
(Singles available now!)

Most of these sites sell the music for $.70-.99 USD per track and $7.99-12.00 for the entire digital album. Shop around for some of the best deals. (Note: The reason for the variation is that we often cannot control the pricing of our third-party vendors or our commission from the sales of the tracks.) You can also check it out on physical CD on CDBABY.COM ($10.95)!

Thank you for your continued support of independent artistry and for celebrating over 6 months of business with us!

Warmest regards,
Your friends at TIMKAT

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